MedReps Exosomes

Tomorrow's Regenerative Medicine for Today's Health Care

Discover the future of regenerative medicine with MedReps' advanced exosome therapy. Exosomes are a pivotal solution distributed by us for medical professionals tackling inflammation, wounds, and many other applications. Our meticulously sourced exosomes, derived from the mesenchymal stem cells of the human umbilical cord, offer unprecedented potency with 20 billion exosomes per milliliter. Embracing the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance, including an FDA Master File, our 351(a) biologic product stands out for its quality, concentration, and efficacy. This innovative therapy accelerates healing, reduces inflammation, and promotes tissue regeneration, marking a new era in regenerative medicine. Join us in transforming health care and improving patient outcomes with cutting-edge exosome therapy from MedReps Enterprises.

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Registered as a 351(a) biological drug in the U.S., our exosomes adhere to FDA regulatory standards, ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance in the industry.

Therapeutic Efficacy

Demonstrating high efficacy in wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects, our exosomes offer a broad spectrum of applications, enhancing patient outcomes.

Quality Assurance

Manufactured in ISO-5 clean rooms, our exosomes undergo third-party testing to verify concentrations, with each batch receiving a Certificate of Analysis for guaranteed quality.


Designed for convenience, our exosomes may be stored for up to six weeks in a regular freezer (18 months in cryo), and may be refrozen up to three times without losing efficacy.